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Deal and Bet Placed on Baccarat

Now, believe it or not but the undeniable fact is that baccarat is an extremely simple game, where your chances of winning are quite good. It is also incredibly easy to learn this game and once you have learned it, you can crack the game quite well. But, there are certain hard and fast rules to follow, while playing baccarat. If you follow them and respect the traditional customs of baccarat, you can easily learn to repeat your new-found success at later times. So, here are some basic ground rules of the game. They are practical solutions for getting the hang of baccarat.

The Basics

The players in baccarat can differ according to the different forms of baccarat. In the original version of the game, there are 12 players and other members. Such a version is commonly known as full-pit baccarat. On the other hand, the mini baccarat consists of a dealer or croupier as well as about 6-7 players. Mini baccarat has considerably lesser risks and difficulties. Both the forms of baccarat are however played to achieve a common target. This is that, the players should try to achieve a maximum score by adding up the values of cards, which have remained after discarding other cards. Pure baccarat involves bets and deals, which have to be placed in order to get a winning streak. Surprisingly, the hand of cards should sum up to be 9, instead of 10, as it is in most casino games. The unexpected thing is that, the card with numeric value of 10 is considered to be actually 0!


The game starts, when the player is given a choice between a player hand and banker hand. Both the hands will consist of cards, but it is up to the player to place his bets on any one of them. Nevertheless, the skill comes into full action, as the player's hands are given cards. The aim, as said before, is to get maximum score of 9. All the same, the score should not exceed 9 in each hand of cards.

The Deal

The deal begins, once the bets have been placed on any one of the hands. The dealer or the croupier is the person who gives out cards to the players. His job is to check whether the hands have scored full 9 or not. It is up to the dealer to discard the cards, which add excessive value to the hand of cards. It is also his duty to make a pile of discarded cards. The deals should be effective, so that the cards would be discarded whenever the hand's value reaches above 9. The players will have to level the cards as long as they do not reach a total of 9 points.

The Bets

The bets in baccarat are not to be decided by any skill on part of the dealers or players. Here, you have to trust your luck. Also, sometimes the odds will be on a specific hand of cards. For, instance, the favor usually lies for the banker hand of cards. The results of bets are determined by the results of deals in the specific hand. It is here that the game gathers an exciting pace. The players will have to guess how the deals and bets will turn out to be.