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Description of the Baccarat Table

The baccarat table

The baccarat table comes in many sizes, based on the type of the game. The biggest table is for the Cuban Punto Bunco version of the game, which is 12 feet long can accommodate 14 players at once. The smallest table is of the mini baccarat, which can play only six players. For the other versions of the game, tables that are 10 feet long are available. The baccarat table looks like a blackjack table and the layout is covered with green felt. It is divided into three parts. The croupier sits on the seat at the centre of the table and makes the deals and manages money.

The divisions on the table

The table has fixed places to place chips and shoes. In the version of the game allows the players to distribute cards, and then the shoe will not have a fixed place. In front of the croupier is a box called commission box in which the bets, which the banker wins are placed along with the number of the player who won the bet. The two semicircular end divisions have numbers printed on them. One side has numbers 1 to 7 and the other end has numbers 8 to 15. The number 13 is omitted due to superstitions. Numbers from 1 to 15 are also printed in a row in the centre portion of the table. There are markings for placing bets like ties, players and bankers.


The seating

Any player can take any seat on the table. In Punto Bunco, the number of seats is fifteen although only fourteen players play the game. Gambling is based on luck and luck is based on a lot of superstitions. So, people usually keep the seat number 13 vacant. This is the reason why the table has one seat extra. The only seats that the players are not eligible take are the banker’s seat and the croupier’s seat.

Three dealer and two dealer baccarat tables

In three dealer baccarat tables, there are three places for the dealers. One dealer sits in one side, where a semi-concave in cut into the side of the table. This dealer manages the game. In other words, he is the director of the game. Opposite to him are the seats for the other two dealers. Half the bets are taken care of by these two dealers. In two dealer tables, two concave semicircles are cut into the sides at either side of the middle portion for the two dealers. The players are seated along the sides of the tables at whichever number they choose.

The baccarat game

The baccarat game is very simple. All the players have to do is get a score as close to a nine as possible. If the score is less than that, the player is dealt with another card. If the player’s cards totals eight or mine, then he wins. In a usual game of baccarat, either the banker or the player wins. Games end in ties very seldom.