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The Journey of Baccarat from France to Around the World

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games all over the world. Mostly played in the American continent and Europe, the game has gained massive popularity over the years. Baccarat, in Italian, means zero. That is how the name of the game originates. As far as records prove, the game originated in Italy and as it travelled all over the world, it underwent a lot of changes and attained its present form. The first ever game using cards were played in 1480 by Felix Falguierein. The game has an extremely fascinating history, going back to the ancient Pagan customs.

Ancient history of Baccarat

The game started out with dice and later as the game changed forms, cards came into the picture. The Pagans, of the ancient times, used this game as a decider for a young virgin's future. It was a horrific tradition that killed hundreds of girls. Maidens were asked to toss dice with none surfaces and based on the sum of the numbers on the dice, her fate used to be sealed. It was believed that the numbers that a girl rolled were the blessing of the nine Gods, who were ultimately responsible for a girl's life. The highest place was reserved for those who rolled a nine or an eight, for they became priestesses. The subsequent numbers six and seven gave the girl another chance to roll the dice, but she was never allowed to attend or perform acts of religious nature. However, if she rolled anything less than six, they she had to walk into the sea and die.

The progression into the middle ages

,Baccarat was played for fun from the late 1400s in France. Initially, the game used to be played using Tarot cards. It was a game exclusively reserved for the French nobility and commoners were banned from playing this game. Anybody other than nobility caught playing the game was brutally punished. So, it used to be played secretly. The game was legalized after a while but was again banned during the rule of Napoleon. Chemin de Fer, was how the game was known as in France and it still continues to hold the same name there.


From France, the game gradually spread to England, where it underwent further changes. The new form of the game was called European Baccarat. The game gained a massive following and was played commercially in hotels and casinos. Baccarat reached America in the early 20th century. However, the game failed to generate the interest of the rich and was given up, until it spread to South America in 1950s. In Argentina, the game got a new lease of life and reached Cuba, underwent more changes in its format and rebounded into North America with a vengeance, where it became the favorite in the Las Vegas casinos. In America, it was called American Baccarat. Its glamour quotient is high and it is the favorite game of the super secret agent James Bond.

Online Casino

With the advent of the internet, the game has taken a new from. Online casinos have this game as a compulsory feature in their websites. People all over the world love this game and it becoming one of the most sought after casino games online.