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The Origin of Baccarat - How Far it Goes?

One of the most idolized casino games is that of baccarat. It has been a popular pastime activity, since the heyday of medieval rulers and kings and continues to hold its significance as a game that is associated with style, masculinity and flirtation. No doubt, the immense popularity of the game has to do with its relation to the famous fictional secret agent James Bond, who has seldom missed opportunity to settle down to a table of baccarat, be it in novels or in movies. However, an understanding of baccarat’s origin would also help us to get an insight into the emergence of casinos for entertainment and gambling in U.S.A and other countries. Here, below, is a brief history of baccarat and its various guises.

When It All Started……

Baccarat is one of the youngest casino games to emerge. Unlike rummy or poker, it is not associated with any ancient forms of activity or entertainment. It was first created during the eventful reign of King Charles VIII in France. It has since then been the preferred pastime of European aristocracy. Even today, it is more popular among the blue-blooded masses of United Kingdom, France and Italy, than among the hot-blooded gamers in Vegas and rest of America. However, this does not mean that baccarat was confined only to Europe.

The Origin of Baccarat-

Moving On……

A largely successful guise of baccarat is that which is called as mini baccarat. It has been introduced in United States as a widely acceptable form of the original game. Its origin is inextricably linked with the growing affluence of casinos in Las Vegas, against the turbulent events of The 1950s. The man, whom we have to thank, is none other than our screen favorite Frank Sinatra. He, as one of the casino magnates himself, introduced the Punto Banco, a conclusive form of baccarat. It is played at casinos in U.S.A, Canada, Mexico and even Australia. It is a simplified form of the game and the results are largely determined by luck and chance, rather than the usual prowess of thought and reason that is crucial in most casino games. On the other hand, casinos and clubs in Europe and U.K have retained much of the game’s original authenticity by adhering to the set form of baccarat. The most original form of baccarat is called as Chemin De Fer which involves a sum of money that is wagered by the players. It has remained faithful to the game as it was, when the nobility sat down for baccarat as wars were fought, lands were conquered and kingdoms collapsed.

The Way We See It….

Baccarat has not actually undergone any transformation in it s rules and forms. There is still the troika of games, comprising of Punto Banco, Chemin De Fer and Baccarat Banque and each belongs to a specific group of players. Given the fact that baccarat’s origins are a lot simpler than most casino games; its popularity has faded away in U.S.A, while other changed forms of blackjack and poker have grabbed the attention. But, it is still a game to be reckoned with aristocracy and its incongruities and, of course, style and seduction that only James Bond and Sylvia Trench of the movie Dr. No could boast of!